BLOCH S0920R Women's Dance Sneakers

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image -  Women's Dance Sneakers
image -  Women's Dance Sneakers
image -  Women's Dance Sneakers
Women's Dance Sneakers bloch


Couleur: Blue
Taille: Aide pour les tailles
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A high performance full-sole sneaker designer specifically for dance fitness.


-Lightweight multi-layered sole provides bounce and shock absorption for jumps.

A combination of high-tech materials offers optimum support and flexibility in a full sole.

-High density smooth spin spot assists in free movement related to spinning and sliding. 

-Pads surrounding the spin spot give balance and control.

-Outer side of sole acts as a break when sliding.

The grip offers stability in neutral positions as well as quick foot movements.

-Streamline upper provides dynamic fit that holds the foot securely during the movement. 

-Reinforced toe area for foot work.

-Breathable mesh keeps feet cool. 

Fit is true to size.

Note: the fit depends on the thickness of socks, i.e. if you wear thick sport socks we recommend to order this style a ½ size up from your regular shoe size. In respect of our BLOCH products this is a suggestion only.

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